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About Us

Track Chennai is powered by Atyourdoorstep.in and is our platform to support the rehabilitation of those affected by the devastating floods that shocked Chennai in December 2015.

Our intention is to help in the Re-Building of Chennai and Transforming the lives of those who have lost their loved ones, homes, livelihoods and more as a result of the destruction caused by the floods not seen in a 100 years in Chennai.

Through our website www.trackchennai.com, you can help re-build chennai by offering donations, sponsor projects , post your requirements(NGO's and volunteers), fund relief and rehabilitation activities and more. You keep track of WHO is actually benefiting from your offerings. You can do so by SEEING whose lives you have helped changed , that is displayed on the website itself. This helps in fostering a strong sense of connection,community and satisfaction that your philanthropic offerings are indeed reaching the 'right' people - people whom you WANT to See benefit and transform their lives forever.

Join us on this journey by visiting our website www.trackchennai.com and make a difference by sharing YOUR Light with those whose lives have changed forever due to these floods.